Scott Allan

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Melbourne Opera

Venue - The Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
Director - Hugh Haliday
Designer - Richard Jeziorny
Cast includes - Alison Rae Jones, Danielle Calder, James Egglestone, Michael Lampard, Philip Calcagno, Maxine Montgomery, Yang Lui, Laurence Meikle, Lucas De Jong, Graeme Russell, Lee Abrahmsen, Angela Taylor, Michelle Buscemi, Eddie Muliaumaseali'i, Roger Howell

In the press:

Simon Parris, Theatre People, 04/03/12 -"Lighting by Scott Allan is highly atmospheric..."
Karla Dondio, Stage Whispers, 02/03/12 -"Skillful use of design, lighting and space provides this opera with an authentic bohemian backdrop."
Vivienne Mah, Australian Stage, 11/03/12 -"The fourth act breaks up the division of the brick wall, allowing a faux starry night to shine through in an element of beauty that is so at odds with the deathly ill Mimi. The third act's depiction of a winter courtyard is also viscerally beautiful, the cool lighting setting up the mood alongside the ever-falling snow."